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Our State Geography in a Snap: Three Regions Overview

Reprinted with permission from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction website.


The three landforms of North Carolina make up the three major geographic regions of the state: the Coastal Plain, the Piedmont, and the Mountains. The Coastal Plain Region is usually divided into two sub regions: the Outer Coastal Plain, commonly referred to as the Tidewater; and the Inner Coastal, which is less impacted by the effects of the ocean as it is located further inward.

North Carolina regions by county

North Carolina Counties - Click to see a large version

View the list of North Carolina counties.

North Carolina physical regions

Physical boundaries that divide the regions                               Link to 1985 Geologic Map of North Carolina.  From North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.                 


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NCDENR. 1985 Geologic Map of North Carolina (links to a number of maps). (accessed September 2, 2015).

Additional Resources:

North Carolina One Map. North Carolina Geospatial Portal. (accessed September 2, 2015).

Image Credits:

North Carolina Geological Survey. Geologic map of North Carolina: North Carolina Geological Survey, General Geologic Map1985. (accessed September 2, 2015).





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This some good stuff. i have to han make a brochure about NC. one page for mountain on for peidmont and one for costal plains one for natives and i for a NC attraction. th region have to includ a picture ino about soil wildlife climate and recourses. i have 3 more pages . :P


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