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I have lived in NC since 1991, and have been curious the entire time about the notch in the NC to SC line, just southwest of Charlotte. This area includes Steele Creek. Way back when the line was drawn, why did it not simply continue northwesterly until it intersected the latitude of the line headed due west until it again turned southwest to find Ellicott's Rock (where NC, SC, & GA meet)? Many thanks!


Hi Tony,

Thanks for visiting NCpedia. That's a really great question!

Here is a link to the NCpedia entry on the history of the boundaries --  It is a fairly complex story dating from the colonial era to the present day and involving a number of historical surveys.  In fact, in 2011 North Carolina and South Carolina joined forces to revisit the old surveys and resurvey the joint line.  In the NCpedia entry for the above link, you'll also find references and additional resources (scroll down to the bottom of the entry) that provide additional details.

I hope this helps!

Kelly Agan, NC Government & Heritage Library


Not exactly finding what im looking for


Hi Tyjaia,

I'm sorry you haven't found what you're looking for.  Please let me know the specific topic you're interested in and I will try to help. You can post back here to this comment.

Kelly Agan, NC Government & Heritage Library


NCpedia is a very good website. I'm glad to visit the website

Best Regards


I can't find what I need


Hi Andrea,

We're sorry to hear that.  Can you tell us what you're specifically looking for? That will help us direct you to information.



Kelly Agan, Government & Heritage Library


Where would I find information about the desegregation of the Wahne County (Goldsboro) school system?


Dear Laura,

Thank you for visiting NCpedia and asking taking the time to ask your question.

NCpedia has several resources to help you get started:

1. Entries on the history of publication education in NC:

2.  Entry on School Desegregation:

In addition, here is a link to resources on the web that mention segregation and desegregation in Wayne County Schools

Finally, if you would like additional help locating historical resources, please contact our reference librarians at the Government & Heritage Library who will be able to assist you.  You will find their contact information at

Please visit NCpedia again and good luck with your research,

Kelly Agan, NCpedia Staff


i like all the information this website has but i want to know if you can add more to this website


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