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Bahama(ba-HAY-ma), community in N Durham County. Settled about 1880. Originally called Balltown until renamed. Bahama coined from the first two letters of the names of three prominent families-Ball, Harris, and Mangum. For a time in the nineteenth century, the post office name was Hunkadora. Alt. 507.
BaileySee Center.
Baileytown in SW Nash County. Settled about 1860. Inc. 1908 as Baileys, named for Joe Bailey, an early settler; now known as Bailey. Alt. 233.
Baileycommunity in W Mitchell County on Sams Branch.
Baileycommunity in W Davie County served by post office, 1890-1902.
Bailey Branchrises in N Yancey County and flows SE into Jacks Creek.
Bailey Branchrises in W central Yancey County on SE slopes of Roland Knob and flows S into Cane River.
Bailey Branchrises in N Yancey County and flows NE into Pigpen Creek. Named for John and Charles Bailey, early settlers.
Bailey Branchrises in central Yancey County and flows SW into Pine Swamp Branch. Named for M. A. Bailey, who owned a large tract of land through which it flowed.
Bailey Branchrises in S Madison County and flows N into French Broad River.


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