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Sally MountainE Madison County between Middle Fork and Ponder Creek.
Sally Queen Creekrises in NE Rutherford County near the Burke County line and flows SW into North Fork.
Sally's Creekrises in W Caldwell County and flows SE into Johns River.
Salmon Creekrises in E Bertie County and flows SE into Chowan River. Appears as Flatt's Creek on the Comberford map, 1657, but as Salmon Creek on the Ogilby map, 1671. Probably named for an early settler. Area known as "Seedbed of the Colony" due to residence of early settlers, such as Nathaniel Batts, and leaders, such as Charles Eden, royal governor.
Salmon CreekSee Southwest Creek.
SalolaSee Sugarloaf Mountain.
Salola Branchrises in N Swain County S of Clingmans Dome and flows SE into Noland Creek. Salola was the Cherokee Indian word for squirrel.
Sals Creekrises in S Transylvania County and flows NE into Glady Fork.
Salser Branchrises in central Macon County and flows E into McDowell Branch.
Salt Branchrises in S Onslow County and flows E into Chadwick Bay.


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