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Keyboard controls for the media player

Play/pause: access key + p OR spacebar (functionality varies by browser)

Volume adjust: up/down arrow keys

Fast-forward/reverse: left/right arrow keys

Toggle high-contrast color schemes: q

Access keys

Access keys vary by browser and OS, but are typically some combination of the CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keys. In common browsers:

Internet Explorer: ALT. (In IE, access key controls only select items. Hit ENTER to access links or press buttons.)

Chrome: ALT on Windows. CTRL-OPT on Mac.

Firefox: ALT-SHIFT on Windows. CTRL-OPT on Mac.

Safari: ALT on Windows. CTRL-OPT on Mac.

See a complete list of access keys.


Getting Help

If the media player does not work in your browser, we recommend downloading media files to play on your computer using desktop software, when possible. (Some media files are not downloadable.) Please contact us with any questions or problems with media files.

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