Managing a Plantation: Property

Excerpt from the papers of Duncan Cameron, a wealthy North Carolina planter, listing property on his plantations, with notes of those that needed special attention. Includes historical commentary.


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North Point 6 Horses 2 Mules 32 cattle 60 hogs 6 Single Plows 3 double Plows 4 Harrows A harrow is a heavy frame of timber set with iron teeth, which is dragged over plowed land to break up clumps of soil. 2 CoultersA coulter is a blade that is attached to a plow and cuts the ground vertically. 4 MattocksA mattock is similar to a pick, but it has a blade on one end and a chisel on the other. It is used for cutting up hard ground. 8 weeding hoes 4 Hilling hoes 6 axes 2 Wedges 4 scythesA scythe is a tool used for cutting grass or grain. It has a long neck, a handle half way down, and a curved blade. A person would swing the scythe up into the air and then sweep it through the grass or grain in a long stroke. 2 cradlesA grain cradle is a light wooden frame with a row of long curved teeth parallel to the blade that can be attached to a scythe. It is used to catch corn or other grain that has been cut by the scythe. 6 pr plow geerPlow gear, the bridle and reins used to attach an animal to a plow. grape cut sawA grape cut saw would have been a saw used in a vineyard to cut grape vines. 1 waggon 1 cart

Mill Plantation

8 Mules 30 cattle 80 Hogs 3 double plows 6 single plows 2 coulters, 2 harrows 10 weeding hoes 3 hilling hoes 6 Mattocks 8 for Plow geer 4 scythes 2 cradles 8 axes 1 waggon 1 cart

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3 Horses 7 mules 59 cattle 147 hoggs 1 waggon 1 cart 6 double plows 13 single plows 10 per geer 2 coulters 10 axes 7 mattock 15 weeding hoes 11 hilling hoes 8 scythes 2 cradles 5 wedges 3 trowsA trow is a type of boat, usually with a flat low bottom, is used to transport goods. 1 craws cut saw


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Cameron Family Papers, Collection # 133, Series 2.1.1 Box 88 Folder 2012. Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.