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Cackalackymodern variant homonym of Carolina that gained use in popular culture after World War II. Origin variously attributed to tsalaki, Cherokee word for native people, and to cocklaleechie, a traditional Scottish soup.
Cadon Branchrises in S Macon County and flows SW into Tessentee Creek.
Cadon GapS Macon County at the head of Whiterock Branch.
Cadwell Creekrises in Virginia and flows SW into N Stokes County. Turning slightly to the NW, it flows back into Virginia.
Caesar Austin Branchrises in central Clay County and flows SE into Tusquitee Creek. Named for an early black settler who lived on the branch.
Caesar Swamprises in W Sampson County and flows SE into Little Coharie Creek.
Caesar's Branchrises in N Franklin County and flows NE into Little Shocco Creek.
Caffey GapS Watauga County on the head of Laurel Creek.
Caffey's Inletformer inlet N of present town of Duck, E Dare County. In 1788 George Caffee bought a tract in the area but lost much of it when a small inlet cut through his property. Also known as Providence Inlet.
Caffey's Inlet Stationwas built by the U.S. Lifesaving Service in 1874 at Caffey's Inlet. Destroyed by fire, its replacement, built 1899, later served U.S. Coast Guard. Later housed restaurant.