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Compass Creekrises in N Clay County between Julie Ridge and Deadline Ridge and flows S into Tusquitee Creek. Received its name when Robert Henry, a surveyor and Revolutionary War veteran, dropped his compass in the stream as he was crossing it.
Complexcommunity in SE Davidson County.
Conaby Creekrises in W Washington County S of the town of Plymouth and flows NE into Roanoke River. It appears as Conalis Creek on the Collet map, 1770, and as Conaly Creek on maps as recent as the 1932 soil survey map. Shown as Coneby Creek on the MacRae map, 1833, and referred to as Conoby Creek in Doc. No. 259, House of Representatives, 63d Congress, 1st Session, 1913.
Conalis CreekSee Conaby Creek.
Conaly CreekSee Conaby Creek.
Concavecommunity in SW Scotland County.
ConcordSee Seaboard.
Concordcommunity in S central Yancey County on Cane River. Two former communities, Antone and Dellingers, are now considered to be a part of Concord.
Concordcommunity in NW Person County.
Concordcommunity in W Sampson County between Bearskin Swamp and Great Coharie Creek.