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Duncans Creekrises in NE Rutherford County and flows W into Broad River.
Duncans Creekrises in central Warren County and flows E into Walkers Creek. At one time called Dowtins Creek.
Duncans Creekcommunity in NE Rutherford County. Post office est. there 1829.
Duncans Creek TownshipNE Rutherford County.
Dundarrachtown in S Hoke County. Inc. 1911.
Dunfields Creekrises in N central Cumberland County and flows SW into Cape Fear River.
Dunhams Creekrises in E central Moore County and flows se. A short distance above the mouth of Herds Creek, it becomes Crains Creek, which see. Named for Joseph Dunham, who settled along its banks in 1760.
Dunlap's MillSee Bonlee.
Dunmoor Branchrises in E central Bertie County and flows N into Cricket Swamp.
Dunntown in SE Harnett County. First known as Tearshirt and later as Lucknow. Renamed Dunn in 1886 for Bennett R. Dunn, construction engineer of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Inc. 1887. Produces apparel, canned foods, lumber, and candy. Alt. 214.