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Durants Pointpoint of land extending into Pungo River from W Hyde County opposite Belhaven in E Beaufort County.
Durants PointSee Durants Neck.
Durbrocommunity in S Cleveland County served by post office, 1880-1902.
DurgantownSee Vanceboro.
Durgy Mineformer gold and copper mine in E Person County. Operated in late nineteenth century and until about 1920. At its peak operation, approx. 500 persons were employed in the mine.
Durhamcity and county seat, central Durham County. A post office est. there in 1851 was named Durhamsville; changed to Durham in 1855. Named for Dr. Bartlett Snipes Durham (1822-58), donor of land for the railroad station. Inc. 1866. Formerly center of tobacco manufacturing. Home of Duke University and N.C. Central University. Produces drugs, bricks, grain products, dairy products, apparel, textiles, hosiery, commercial printing, furniture, corrugated boxes, and industrial machinery. Alt. 406. See also Prattsburg.
Durham Branchrises in central Swain County and flows SE into Deep Creek.
Durham Countywas formed in 1881 from Orange and Wake Counties. Located in the central section of the state, it is bounded by Wake, Chatham, Orange, Person, and Granville Counties. It was named for the town of Durham, which see. Area: 300 sq mi. The county seat is Durham, with an elevation of 406 ft. Townships are Carr, Durham, Lebanon, Mangum, Oak Grove, and Triangle. Produces tobacco products, pharmaceuticals, software, computers, electronics, plastics, cattle, nursery products, bricks, textiles, machinery, and commercial printing.
Durham Creekrises in NE Craven County and flows SE on the Craven-Pamlico county line into Upper Broad Creek.
Durham Creekrises in NW Pamlico County and flows N into Beaufort County, where it enters Pamlico River. Named for Richard Durham, who acquired land near its mouth in 1706. Appears in local records as early as 1715 as Dereham's Creek, and by 1770 it was being called Derham and Darham Creek. Appears on the MacRae map, 1833, as Derham Creek. The garrison that gave Garrison Point, which see, its name was located on Durham's land.