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Eads GapSE Buncombe County between Chestnut Flats and Garren Mountain.
Eaglecommunity in W Iredell County served by post office, 1848-1907.
Eagle BranchSee Spread Eagle Branch.
Eagle CliffNE Mitchell County between Fork Mountain and Roan Mountain.
Eagle Creekis formed in NW Swain County in Great Smoky Mountains National Park by the junction of Gunna Creek and Tub-Mill Creek. It flows SW into Fontana Lake. Named for the fact that a nest of eagles was found near its head.
Eagle Creekis formed in SE Clay County by the junction of Left Fork and Right Fork and flows NW into Shooting Creek. Known also as Eagle Fork Creek.
Eagle Fallsa low falls on Dan River, W central Rockingham County. Land adjacent was granted to Charles Galloway in 1745, and early county courts were held on his property. Eagle Falls plantation there, occupied by the Galloway family for many years and later passed to descendants named Carter. The house is now used for farm storage. See also Jackson.
Eagle Fork CreekSee Eagle Creek.
Eagle GapW Cherokee County between Fowler Bend and Hiwassee Dam.
Eagle Knobon the Jackson-Macon county line. Alt. 4,500.