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Guilders Creekrises in N central Yancey County on N slopes of Rocky Knob and Phillips Knob and flows NW into Jacks Creek.
Guilfordcommunity in S central Beaufort County.
Guilfordcommunity in W central Guilford County. Named for the county.
Guilford Collegetown in W central Guilford County. Quaker settlement founded 1750 and known as New Garden. Boarding school opened 1837; renamed Guilford College in 1888, at which time the community name also was changed. Chartered 1895. The college is now within the limits of the city of Greensboro. Alt. 949.
Guilford Countywas formed in 1771 from Rowan and Orange Counties. Located in the N central section of the state, it is bounded by Alamance, Randolph, Davidson, Forsyth, and Rockingham Counties. It was named for Francis North, first Earl of Guilford (1704-90), member of Parliament and intimate personal friend of George III and Queen Charlotte. Area: 652 sq. mi. County seat: Greensboro, with an elevation of 838 ft. Townships are Bruce, Center Grove, Clay, Deep River, Fentress, Friendship, Gilmer, Greene, High Point, Jamestown, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Morehead, Oak Ridge, Rock Creek, Sumner, and Washington. Produces tobacco, corn, wheat, oats, barley, rye, sorghum, poultry, eggs, dairy products, livestock, hogs, horses, greenhouse products, flowers, textiles, paper boxes, strawberries, soybeans, fabricated metals, aircraft parts, cigarettes, electronics, appliances, pharmaceuticals, toys, lumber, chemicals, and corrugated boxes.
Guilford Courthouseformer county seat, central Guilford County. Est. 1774; chartered as Martinville, which see, 1785; abandoned 1808. Battle there on March 15, 1781, between American Gen. Nathanael Greene and British general Lord Charles Cornwallis; site now a National Military Park.
Guinea Mill Runa stream, rises in N Currituck County and flows SE into Tull Creek. A part of Dismal Swamp drains into Guinea Mill Run.
Gul IslandSee Great Island.
Gulden Creekrises in SE Craven County and flows NW into Clubfoot Creek.
Gulftown in S central Chatham County. Inc. 1913, but long inactive in municipal affairs. Early nineteenth-century center of trade and coal mining. Alt. 275. The geographic center of the state, which see, is nearby.