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Gum Swamp Creekrises in N Lenoir County and flows SW into Falling Creek. Name appears in local records dating from before the Revolution. Named for sweet gum trees in the area; sometimes locally called Sweetgum Swamp.
Gum Swamp Creekrises in E Richmond County and NW Scotland County and flows S across Scotland County into South Carolina, where it enters Little Pee Dee River.
Gum Swamp Runrises in SE Beaufort County in Gum Swamp and flows W into South Creek.
Gumberrycommunity in N central Northampton County. Settled about 1882. Alt. 134. Name probably derived from fruit of a tree described by John Lawson in 1709 as a type of black gum, the berries of which were used by the Indians in making soup and in cooking peas and beans.
Gumberry Swamprises in W Northampton County and flows S to join Lily Pond Creek in forming Wheeler Creek. For origin of name, see Gumberry.
Gumflats Creekrises in NE Cherokee County and flows NW into Taylor Creek.
Gumlog Creekrises in Union County, Ga., and flows NE into Clay County, where it enters Brasstown Creek.
Gumstand GapN Transylvania County on Seniard Ridge.
Gumtreecommunity in N Davidson County; named for a gum tree (cut down about 1948) at the junction of the Thomasville and Lexington roads to Winston-Salem.
Gun Creekrises in W central Alamance County and flows SE into Great Alamance Creek.