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Venablecommunity in S Surry County served by post office, 1880-1905.
VenableSee Carrboro.
Vengeance Creekrises in NE Cherokee County and flows NW into Valley River.
Venicommunity in SW Halifax County served by post office, 1889-1907.
Venterscommunity in S Pitt County.
Venuscommunity in SE Ashe County served by post office, 1889-1905.
Vera Cruz ShoalNE Carteret County, partly obstructs Ocracoke Inlet. Known during the eighteenth century as Dry Sand Shoal for the fact that it was never covered by water except during a hurricane.
Verdcommunity in SW Madison County.
Vernoncommunity in N Ashe County served by post office, 1892-1907.
Veronacommunity in central Onslow County. Named as a means of honoring Vera McIntyre, whose husband was one of the builders of the Wilmington and Onslow Railroad. A post office, Aman's Store, was est. in 1854. With the construction of the railroad and the establishment of Verona, the post office was moved there in 1894 and the name was changed. Alt. 49.