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Virgilcommunity in E Watauga County.
Virgilinatown in NW Granville County on the Virginia-North Carolina border, hence its name. Inc. 1899 in North Carolina and 1900 in Virginia.
Virgin's Inletapparently a short-lived inlet in SE Onslow County from Brown's Sound into the Atlantic Ocean. It was described in records of 1784-85 as being near Gillets Creek.
Virginiathe name applied to the American territory granted by Queen Elizabeth to Walter Raleigh and explored in 1584 by Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe. The earliest evidence of the use of the name occurs before March 25, 1585, in Raleigh's seal as Lord and Governor of Virginia, which is now in the British Museum. The name honored Elizabeth, the "Virgin Queen," and was applied in the sixteenth century to the area explored from bases on Roanoke Island. In the seventeenth century, it came to be applied to the permanent settlement around Jamestown, and, after the granting of the Carolina Charter in 1663, it no longer was applied correctly to the territory that was soon to become North Carolina. See also South Virginia.
Virginia Creekrises in SE Pender County and flows SE into Topsail Sound.
Vistacommunity in S Pender County on Virginia Creek. Served by post office, 1893-1913.
Viviancommunity in S Gates County on Bennett Creek.
Vixencommunity in central Yancey County. Served by post office, 1915-54. Alt. 2,278.
Voharee CreekSee Uwharrie River.
Volgacommunity in N Buncombe County on French Broad River. Served by post office, 1902-13. Alt. 1,721.