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Singecat RidgeNW McDowell County near the head of Buck Creek.
Singletary LakeE Bladen County, a 572-acre natural lake with a max. depth of 11 ft., 8 in. Named for Richard Singletary, who received a grant of land in Bladen County in 1729. Part of Singletary Lake State Park. Fishing, boating, swimming, and camping. See also Carolina Bays.
Singleton Swamprises in NW Beaufort County and flows NW and W into Old Ford Swamp.
Singletons Bayloam-filled bay in SE Hoke County between Big Marsh Swamp and Little Marsh Swamp.
Sings Creekrises in W Moore County and flows NE into Wet Creek.
Sinking Creekrises in NW Haywood County and flows NE into Big Creek.
Siouxcommunity in N Yancey County on Big Creek. Served by post office, 1887-1955. Alt. 2,109.
SippanawSee Rudd.
Sippihawcommunity in S Wake County served by post office, 1900-1902.
Sitescommunity in S Bladen County in Carvers Creek Township served by post office, 1902-17.