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Sky View Pondspring-fed lake in NE Iredell County. Formed in 1950; covers 38 acres, with a max. depth of 35 ft. Fishing, swimming, boating.
Skycoformer community and steamboat landing on the SW shore of Roanoke Island, E Dare County. It was on Ashby Harbor. Named for Skiko, son of the chief of the Choanoke Indians, who was taken prisoner by Ralph Lane in 1586. Skyco was a post office from 1892 until 1913.
Skylandcommunity in S Buncombe County. Alt. 2,257. Est. 1888 by Otis A. Miller as a resort. Produces electronic components.
Skyland LakeS Buncombe County on Powell Creek, was formed in 1963 by Carolina Power and Light Company with the construction of an E dam and concrete spillway. It covers 320 acres, with a max. depth of 100 ft. and a shoreline of 9 mi. Used to condense turbine-exhaust steam at a steam power-generating plant and for public recreation.
Skyuka Creekrises in S Polk County E of Tryon Mountain and flows S into Pacolet River. Named for the Cherokee brave who, about 1774, showed his friendship for the whites by revealing to them an unknown route through the mountains. Knowledge of the route enabled Capt. Thomas Howard to defeat the Indians at Round Mountain, which see.
Skyuka MountainSW Polk County rising above the town of Tryon. Said to be named for Skyuka, son of a Cherokee chief. Skyuka was thrown from his horse and broke his leg when the horse became frightened by a snake. Capt. Thomas Howard found Skyuka and set his leg, and the two became friends. See also Howard Gap.
Slab Camp Branchrises in N Swain County in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and flows E into Forney Creek.
Slab RidgeSee Sharon.
Slab TownSee Grissom.
Slade Creekrises in SW Hyde County and flows NW and SW into Pungo River. Appears on the Collet map, 1770.