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Whiteside Mountainon Clear Creek in N Henderson County.
Whiteside MountainSW Jackson County 3½ mi. NE of the town of Highlands in the Blue Ridge; NE slopes are head of Chattooga River. Near the top is a sheer rock precipice 1,800 ft. high from which the mountain takes its name. Called Sanigilagi by the Cherokee Indians; the meaning is unknown. In 1950 a Spanish inscription of unknown origin was discovered there. A connected peak on the N is known as Devil's Courthouse, which see.
Whiteside RidgeS Yancey County between Camp Creek and Whiteside Branch.
Whitevilletown and county seat, central Columbus County. Authorized to be laid out in 1810 on the lands of James B. White. Originally known as White's Crossing; inc. 1832 as Whiteville but appeared on many maps as Whitesville. Named for the man on whose land it was est. and who was a state senator, 1809-10. The former community of Vineland is now included in the S part of the town. Southeastern Community College, est. 1966, is located there. Produces lumber, apparel, tobacco, textiles. Alt. 59.
Whiteville Townshipcentral Columbus County.
Whitewater Fallsis located on Whitewater River along the Jackson-Transylvania county line near the North Carolina-South Carolina line. The falls, among the highest in the E United States, cascade 411 ft. from an alt. of approx. 2,560. Known as Contara or Contaroga (meaning unknown) by the Cherokee Indians.
Whitewater Riveris formed in S Jackson County by the junction of Silver Run and Little Whitewater Creeks and flows SE on the Jackson-Transylvania county line into South Carolina, where it is joined by Toxaway River to form Keowee River.
Whitfields Crossroadscommunity in E Lenoir County. Named for a prominent family that settled there before the Revolution.
Whitfields Pondon the headwaters of Poley Swamp in N Duplin County. Alt. 118.
Whitfordcommunity in E Jones County. Named for local Whitford family.