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Whittemore Creekrises in N Buncombe County near the Madison County line and flows SW into Ivy Creek.
Whittiertown in E Swain and NW Jackson Counties on Tuckasegee River. Alt. 1,839. Est. 1885 by Dr. Clarke Whittier of California, who purchased 60,000 acres, including the town site. Chartered 1887; charter repealed 1895. Rechartered 1897, 1899, and 1907.
Whittier Branchrises in N Buncombe County and flows NE into French Broad River.
Whittier Creekrises in S Surry County and flows NE into Bull Run Creek.
Whittingtoncommunity in W Wilkes County on Reddies River.
Whittle Creekrises in NW Alamance County and flows W into Buttermilk Creek.
Whortleberry Creekrises in SE Anson County and flows SE into Pee Dee River.
Whortleberry MountainSee Huckleberry Ridge.
Whortonsvillecommunity in E Pamlico County on Brown Creek. Called Bethel until a post office was est. in 1904, at which time the name of the first postmaster was adopted (pronounced as if written "Hortonsville"). Post office closed 1959.
Whynotcommunity in S Randolph County est. late in the nineteenth century. A group of local citizens, meeting in 1860 to select a name for the post office about to be est. there, heard many suggestions phrased as "Why not name it for so-and-so?" Finally, someone in desperation said, "Why not name it Why not?" The group thought this was as good as any of the suggested names, and, since it removed any element of further controversy, the place was so named. Originally spelled as two words.