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Winnabowcommunity in E central Brunswick County. Named for the plantation of Governor Daniel Russell, which, in turn, had an Indian name of unknown meaning. Called Evans Store Crossroads during the Civil War. Alt. 40.
WinnieSee White Oak.
Winonacommunity in N Richmond County served by post office, 1892-94.
Winslowcommunity in N Harnett County served by post office, 1858-1904.
Winsteadcommunity in W central Person County served by post office, 1873-1910.
Winstead Crossroadscommunity in S Nash County.
Winsteadvillecommunity in E Beaufort County served by post office, 1892-1909.
Winstonformerly an independent city in central Forsyth County. Authorized by act of 1849 creating Forsyth County and named the county seat in 1851. Since 1913 it has been consolidated with Salem as Winston-Salem, which see. Named for Maj. Joseph Winston (1746-1814), Revolutionary War leader.
Winston Lakecentral Forsyth County on Brushy Fork Branch. Known earlier as City Lake. Covers 100 acres, with a max. depth of 20 ft. Used for fishing and municipal water supply. Owned by the city of Winston-Salem; open to the public.
Winston Townshipcentral Forsyth County, coextensive with the city of Winston-Salem.