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WisaokySee Waxhaws, The.
Wisecommunity in N Warren County between Malones Creek and Sauls Creek. Alt. 392. Settled in 1890s and named for Henry Wise, local resident. A post office was est. there in 1891 but was discontinued in 1951.
Wise Branchrises in SW Buncombe County and flows NE into Bill Moore Creek.
Wise ForksSee Wyse Forks.
Wise KnobSW Buncombe County near the headwaters of Bill Moore Creek.
Wise's CrossroadsSee Gum Swamp; Wise Forks.
Wiseman's Viewan overlook for Linville Gorge in NW Burke County. Named for William Wiseman, early settler who migrated from London in the eighteenth century.
Wishart TownshipSE Robeson County.
WitSee Smyrna.
Witherscommunity in SE Stokes County served by post office, 1884-1905.