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Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company

by Anna Withers Bair, 2006

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"Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company, located at 104-120 North Liberty Street, 1918." Image courtesy of Digital Forsyth.  George T. Brown and Robert L. Williamson started manufacturing chewing tobacco in 1894 in a building at the corner of Liberty and First Streets at the southern border of the town of Winston (which later became Winston-Salem). Both young men's fathers were tobacco manufacturers. Williamson had worked in his father's plant near Yanceyville before he moved to Winston, where he had become superintendent of the T. L. Vaughn Tobacco Company. Brown speculated in the buying and selling of leaf tobacco. When the financial panic of 1893 left him with 100,000 pounds of tobacco for which he could find no buyers, he and Williamson, his brother-in-law, who had practical experience in tobacco manufacturing, decided to go into business together as partners. They named their company Brown & Williamson, with Williamson's brother-in-law Walter R. Leak as treasurer.

During the new firm's first year, Brown & Williamson took over the T. F. Williamson & Son company and its brands of Red Juice and Red Crow twist chewing tobacco and Golden Grain granulated smoking tobacco. To these they added their own products, including Bloodhound, Bugler, Kite, and Shot chewing tobacco. All of these became immensely popular brands, and the young firm grew so fast that in 1906 it was incorporated as Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company, with Brown as president, Williamson as vice president, and Leak as treasurer.

In 1925 Brown & Williamson bought the J. G. Flynt Tobacco Company and its Sir Walter Raleigh pipe tobacco brand, which had been manufactured since 1884. The firm expanded further in April 1926 by buying R. P. Richardson Jr. & Company of Reidsville, which manufactured the Old North State brand of smoking tobacco, dating to 1873. Richardson also made cigarettes with the brand name of Old North State. With the purchase of this company, then, Brown & Williamson entered the field of cigarette manufacturing.

In 1929 all divisions of Brown & Williamson except chewing tobacco and snuff were moved to Louisville, Ky., and headquarters for the company remain there. The company merged with R. J. Reynolds Tobacco in 2004 to form Reynolds American, Inc.

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How can I get a print of this husband use to work with this company..



Thank you for visiting NCpedia.

If you click on the image, you will be taken to the website for Digital Forsyth.  You'll see the image of the print and a button to click to request a print.  If you enter the information requested, Digital Forsyth will get back to you.

I hope this helps!

Kelly Agan, Government & Heritage Library


Do you know if there is a source to get a cig roller they made for Laredo tobacco I would love to have one


Dear Martha,

Thanks for visiting NCpedia and asking your question.

Unfortunately, NCpedia doesn't have this information.  You may want to consult a tobacconist or an antique dealer.

Good luck!

Kelly Agan, Government & Heritage Library


Can you tell me when and if Brown & Williamson produced "Airways cigarettes " in Louisville, Ky?


Brown & Williamson merged with R.J. Reynolds in 2003. Try contacting R.J.R. at their website with your question:

T. Mike Childs, NCpedia, N.C. Government & Heritage Library.


I d like to know if b&W still make the American version of the canadian du maurier cig. And if so where can I Purchase them ??


Hello, you may wish to contact R. J. Reynolds with your question:


Michelle Underhill, Digital Information Management Program, NC Government & Heritage Library


I would like to know if this company made the Black Mairae Plug Tobaco
I was told that you did. The store that I bought it from said you quit making it. Please contact me and let me know.


Unfortunately, we don't have the information you are looking for in NCpedia. You may want to try contacting R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, as Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co. was merged with RJR in 2004. Here is a link to their website: References Services at the Government and Heritage Library may also be able to point you to some resources that would be helpful in your research. Their email address is Additional contact information for them may be found at Good luck and thanks for posting a comment!


Emily Horton, Government & Heritage Library, State Library of NC


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