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Baker Islanda sandy island approx. 2 mi. long in the Roanoke River, NW Northampton County. Called Eaton Island on the Price map, 1808, and Lashleys Island on the MacRae map, 1833.
Baker MillSee Wheeler Creek.
Baker MountainW Catawba County. Alt. 1,812.
Baker Swamprises in E Cumberland County and flows SW into Reese Creek.
BakersSee Ca-Vel.
Bakerscommunity in W central Union County.
Bakers Branchrises in N Madison County and flows NE into Spillcorn Creek.
Bakers CreekSee Mud Creek.
Bakers Creekrises in N Catawba County and flows S into Lyle Creek.
Bakers Crossroadscommunity in central Rockingham County. Named for Baker family, local farmers. Site of Malloy post office, which see.