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"Unorganized Territory,"former designation for most of the area formerly in Mattamuskeet Township, central Hyde County. Owned by the federal government and used as a fish and wildlife reservation. Residents vote and list taxes in Lake Landing Township.
U-Alta LakeW Randolph County, is formed by a dam on Caraway Creek. Covers 20-25 acres. Named for Eula Alta Farlow, wife of Arthur Farlow, who developed the lake.
Ucohnerunta Tuscarora Indian town shown on the Moseley map, 1733, as situated on the mouth of Town Creek in what is now central Edgecombe County. Also called King Blount's Town for the chief under whom the Tuscarora Indians began their removal to the Roanoke River in 1732.
Ugly Creekrises in S Stanly County and flows SE into Hardy Creek.
Ugly Forkrises in W Haywood County near the Swain County line on the N side of Big Fork Ridge and flows E and NE into Rough Fork.
Ulahcommunity in S Randolph County served by post office, 1889-1953. Originally Uhla; probably named for the daughter of M. R. Moffitt, first postmaster.
Umbracommunity in NE Durham County served by post office, 1891-1903.
Umstead BridgeSee Redstone Point; Weir Point.
Umstead State ParkSee William B. Umstead State Park.
Una Creekrises in SE Swain County and flows W into Yalaka Creek.