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Eula McGill discusses the end of the strike

Eula McGill discusses the end of the strike and her feelings about it afterward.


Audio Transcript

Jacquelyn Hall
So when the strike was called off and you went back to work, you yourself didn’t have any feelings of disillusionment with the union?

Eula McGill
No. It was something we tried and failed, like the people during World War I: I’d seen it, they tried and failed. And you get a little stronger even if you fail; you get a little stronger each time. That’s the way I felt about it, because I’d seen what had happened in World War I. It didn’t disillusion me that we failed that time. Some people won; we weren’t a failure. We didn’t win, but look at what we picked up, and look at the unions that are still in existence today from that. There were gains made, although we may have lost.

Jacquelyn Hall
Did other people in your local feel that way? Optimistic?

Eula McGill
Yes, later on we had a union in that place where I worked; later on after I left there they organized. And somebody else bought it and it was a union shop later on. Link Belt bought it, and they organized a union.

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