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Equestrian statue from King William's War and Queen Anne's War

From John Stephen Dwyer, Wikimedia Commons: "Located in Walpole, Massachusetts, United States, this equestrian statue is of early 20th century construction and has a green verdigris patina. The granite base of the monument (which is carved in capital letters) describes the figure as 'LIEUT. LEWIS' and gives dates as 1663 - 1710. He is described as 'OFFICER IN WARS OF KING WILLIAM AND QUEEN ANNE' (i.e. War of Spanish Succession and Queen Anne's War). He is described as a 'TAX COLLECTOR AND SURVEYOR' who 'COVERED FROM 'ROXBURY TO WRENTHAM' and faced such dangers as 'THE PROWLING WOLF'. He is further mentioned the father-in-law of Major Seth Bullard, the uncle of Enoch Ellis and 'ANCESTOR OF A LONG LINE OF DEFENDERS OF THE NATION AND OF WORTHY TEACHERS'. The Lewis family remained prominent in Walpole until the 20th century and the Walpole Historical Society maintains a house once owned by this family."

Statue of a man in uniform sitting on a horse.
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Dwyer, John Stephen. LieutLewis.jpg. Photograph. Walpole, Massachusetts. October 2008. Accessed June 16, 2023 at

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