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Congocommunity in W Wilkes County between Lewis Fork Creek and Fishdam Creek.
Conine Bendin the Roanoke River, S Bertie County, at the W mouth of Conine Creek.
Conine CreekS Bertie County, is a canal connecting two bends in the Roanoke River and creating Conine Island.
Conine IslandS Bertie County, formed in a bend of the Roanoke River by Conine Creek, which cuts across a neck formed by the river. Appears as Caroline Island on the Collet map, 1770. See also Purchace Islands.
Coniott Creekrises in SW Bertie County and flows SE into Roanoke River. The name is a Tuscarora Indian word meaning "making cloth."
Coniott Landingon the Roanoke River in SE Bertie County at the mouth of Coniott Creek. Possibly the site of the extinct town Wimberly, which was est. in 1752. Joseph Wimberly petitioned to operate a ferry across the Roanoke River at "Coneat," and the town was built on his land. Site has also been known as Blackman's Landing; Blackman and Wimberly families were owners of large tracts of land in the county.
Conley Branchrises in N McDowell County and flows approx. 2 mi. SE into North Fork [Catawba River] near Sevier.
Conley Branchrises in W Macon County and flows SW into Jarrett Creek.
Conley RidgeS Macon County between Wheatfield Branch and Stillhouse Branch.
Connaritsacommunity in NW Bertie County. The name Conneritsat appears in local records as early as 1729 with reference to the location of a bridge across Cashie River.