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Vandemeretown in N Pamlico County on Bay River. A Dr. Abbott, former Union army surgeon, settled there in the 1870s, and his wife gave the community its name—a Dutch word meaning "from the sea." Inc. 1874; charter repealed 1893 but renewed two years later. From the formation of Pamlico County in 1872 until 1876, Vandemere served as the county seat. Alt. 4.
Vandemere Creekrises in N Pamlico County and flows SE into Bay River.
Vandercommunity in central Cumberland County. Alt. 151.
Vanderpool Creekrises in central Watauga County and flows NW into Cove Creek.
Vanncommunity in W Union County served by post office, 1892-1903.
Vannoycommunity in NW Wilkes County on North Fork Reddies River.
Vanteencommunity in N central Wake County served by post office, 1891-1904.
Varinaformer town in SW Wake County. Settled about 1890 and named for first postmaster's wife, who used the fanciful name, Varina, in her courtship correspondence. Alt. 426. Merged with Fuquay Springs to become part of Fuquay-Varina, which see, in 1963.
Varnals Creekrises in the Cane Creek Mountains, S Alamance County, and flows NE into Haw River.
Varnumcommunity in S central Brunswick County on Lockwoods Folly River.