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Sixpound Creekrises in N central Warren County and flows N then NE into Lake Gaston. Appears on the Moseley map, 1733.
Sixpound TownshipN Warren County.
Skalley Branchrises in N Avery County and flows W into Elk River.
Skalley KnobN Avery County.
Skeenah Creekis formed in S Macon County by the junction of North Fork [Skeenah Creek] and South Fork [Skeenah Creek] and flows E into Little Tennessee River. The name is said to be an Indian word meaning "the abode of satan."
Skeenah GapS Macon County between Black Mountain Branch and Jones Creek.
SkewarkySee Williamston.
Skiboor Skibow (Sky-bow), community in central Cumberland County. Alt. 221.
Skidder Branchrises in NE Swain County and flows SE into Straight Fork.
Skiffley Creekrises in N Haywood County and flows SE into Pigeon River.