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The ABCs Accountability Model is North Carolina's school improvement plan to "reorganize public schools around three goals: strong Accountability, an emphasis on the Basics and high educational standards, and providing schools and school districts with as much local Control over their work as possible" (NCDPI).

Additional Information: 

Under the ABCs, schools are evaluated based on student performance on standardized tests; school ratings are assigned on a scale ranging from school of excellence, school of distinction, school of progress, or low performing school. Schools are rewarded for making or surpassing expected student achievement goals. State improvement teams are assigned to schools that are designated low performing.

NCDPI’s "The ABCs Accountability Model" details North Carolina’s “Strategic Plan for Excellent Schools” with five priorities:

  • high student performance
  • healthy students in safe, orderly and caring schools
  • quality teachers, administrators, and staff
  • strong family, community, and business support
  • effective and efficient operation