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Teach with NCpedia

NCpedia has more than 8,000 articles and more than 9,000 images covering a wide range of North Carolina history, biography, geography, government, natural heritage, and other topics of interest to learners of all ages. And more than 100 entries have lesson plans linked to them, many related to teaching the North Carolina public social studies curriculum. In addition, many of these resources also include primary sources and additional access to primary source collections. 

Many of the lesson plans and activity guides have been contributed by Carolina K-12 at Carolina Public Humanities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These lesson are aligned to the NC Essential Standards and are designed to promote historical thinking, cognitive strategies, and deeper engagement with historical topics and materials. 

To provide easier access and less search time for these resources, librarians at the Government & Heritage Library at the State Library of North Carolina have curated both NCpedia resources and Carolina K-12 resources in a searchable crosswalk tool based in Google Sheets. This tool can be accessed below and is freely available for teachers to download and share. The tool is also under constant improvement and we welcome your suggestions and additions. If you have comments for the Government & Heritage Library librarians, please email them at

This page will continue to expand as we add additional resources and tools for teaching with NCpedia.

Grade 8 Curriculum: Teach with NCpedia Google Sheet Content and Curriculum CrosswalkTool

The Google sheet tool provides a crosswalk between historical topics related to North Carolina history, a curated set of NCpedia articles, relevant Carolina K-12 lesson plans and relevant North Carolina public school essential social studies standards.  It also includes a listing for each topic of keywords associated with "unpacking" the North Carolina standards. The tool is protected from update by viewers but can be used, filtered, searched, downloaded and shared. 

The tool also includes separate tabs for Additional Resources (high quality content, primary source collections, educational sites) and a tab for North Carolina school districts that have made content maps available on the internet.

Access the tool here.

NCpedia Articles with Teacher Resources/Lesson Plans

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