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Twitty, Sallie Duke Drake
Two adult mummies in Guanajuato, Mexico
Two aerial photos of Pea Island
Two Balinese dancers in Barong costume
Two Balinese women walking with baskets of soil on their heads
Two Black Classes of Antebellum NC
Two cattle egrets fly over the cornfield
Two children play on a rooftop in Guanajuato, Mexico
Two children play on the sidewalk in Latacunga, Ecuador
Two coconut trees and three mountain tops rise over clouds on horizon
Two dancing female deities with spiked crowns carved in low relief at Angkor Wat
Two Ecuadorians herding cows along the road
Two electricians climb on cement building to fix network of power cables in Hanoi
Two girls by illuminated doorway view of central tower at Angkor Wat
Two girls performing welcome dance engage each other in mirror image pose
Two guards with machine guns who escort tourists to Banteay Srei Temple
Two men climb high pole to work on electric lines
Two men in an oxcart transport bananas on the road from Nha Trang to Dalat
Two men in oxcart with bananas pass a bus on the road from Nha Trang to Dalat
Two men standing along road with rows of cock baskets
Two Nepalese guides smiling
Two people paddle a round basketry boat near Nha Trang
Two rabbits for sale in Saquisilí, Ecuador
Two round basket boats dry in an alley near Nha Trang
Two school boys ask a woman tourist in Hue to help them with English homework
Two Seed Samples
Two small passenger boats are poled in the shallow Mekong waters near Mytho
Two tall bamboo pole offerings
Two thatch-roofed houses elevated on wood columns at Mai Chau
Two thatched-roof huts on a farm in Ecuador
Two tourists take photographs near Nha Trang
Two train tracks merge in Chihuahua, Mexico
Two transplanted wet-rice terraces finished by farmer in one day
Two wives mourn beside dying Ravana (Thai Ramayana mural)
Two women and a child converse in the Saquisilí market
Two women carry trays suspended from shoulder poles in street at Hoi An