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Demon changes into a deer to lure Sita (Thai Ramayana mural)

A two image sequence on a mural painted at the Emerald Buddha Temple depicts a demon's intentional transformation into a deer. In the top image, his legs have turned into those of a golden deer. In the lower image, the demon is fully changed into the deer.

Once Ravana decides that he must possess Rama's wife Sita, he conceives a plot to abduct her. Ravana hears that Sita loves deer, so he commands his demon subject Mareet to change himself into a golden deer to which Sita will be attracted. Sita is enchanted by the beautiful deer and she sends Rama into the forest to capture it for her.

<img typeof="foaf:Image" src="" width="683" height="1024" alt="Demon changes into a deer to lure Sita " title="Demon changes into a deer to lure Sita " />
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