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Indian painting of Rama's father on bed as he nears death

This Indian painting shows Rama's father on his royal bed as he nears death. A wife and son are at his side.

In the Ramayana, when Rama's father senses he is approaching death, he decides to declare that his eldest son Rama should succeed him. Rama tours in a procession around the kingdom of Ayudhya as the public announcement is made. All the people rejoice because Rama is known as a just and virtuous prince.

Just before the king dies, however, his second wife reminds him of an old promise to grant her two wishes. The king remembers and must agree. This wife then asks that Rama be exiled to the forest for fourteen years and that her son, Bharata, be allowed to rule in his place. The king is in anguish but feels bound to fulfill his promise. Rama leaves for the forest, accompanied by his wife Sita and and his most faithful younger brother, Laksman. Rama's father then dies of grief.

<img typeof="foaf:Image" src="" width="1024" height="698" alt="Indian painting of Rama's father on bed as he nears death" title="Indian painting of Rama's father on bed as he nears death" />
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