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Political cartoon: Jim Young

Caption reads: Jim Young, the negro politician, is at the head of the Committee on Education in the State White Institution for the Blind, located at Raleigh. It is the duty of that committee to "endorse or prescribe all rules or regulations for the GOVERNMENT of pupils" (white blind children); to settle all "questions of discipline or misunderstanding between teacher and pupil, or teacher and principal" (white teachers, white blind children, white principals); "to prepare and conduct, in conjunctions with the principal, examination of teachers" (white teachers to teach white blind children); it is required by Section 5 that "the principal (white man) shall report to Educational Committee (that is, to the negro, Jim Young) annually before the election of teachers (white teachers) upon the work of the several teachers, their relative efficiency, and of their improvement professionally," and the following additional power is conferred upon this negro politician: "Teachers (white ladies) shall instruct their pupils under the direction of the principal and the Educational Committee (Jim Young is the Committee) and PERFORM SUCH OTHER DUTIES AS THEY MAY PRESCRIBE."

Political cartoon: Jim Young
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