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They Died Fighting Rather than Live as Slaves

They Died Fighting Rather than Live as Slaves

Back of card read:Cesar Cauce, Jim Waller, Sandy Smith (top), Bill Sampson and Mike Nathan (bottom) were killed while defending a "Blacks and Whites Unite, Death to the Klan Rally" from a government planned KKK-Nazi attack in Greensboro, North Carolina. All five were well-known leaders in union and civil rights organizing in the South. All were members of the Communist Workers Party.All profits from this card will go to the Equality Fund (non-profit, tax deductible contributions) established for the families of the slain demonstrators; for the legal defense of anti-klan demonstrators; and to hire an independent, private prosecutor of the KKK, Nazi, Police and FBI officials involved in these assassinations. Committee to Avenge the Greensboro-CWP 5, P.O. 4201, Berkeley, CA 94704.

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