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Cooking on a cast iron stove

The cast-iron cookstove was fairly new technology in the 1870s. In this video, reenactors show how it worked.



Video Transcript

Woman (00:02)
Today we're cooking here on this cast iron stove. Before we start our cooking, we have to build our fire right here within the stove. These burners are removable, you can see our fire inside. And because our fire's concentrated in this front part of the stove, these two burners here are hotter than our back burners. On this side of the stove, you can see our oven. The oven is located down here. We've got some biscuits cooking in our oven right now.
In order to cook on top of the stove, we have to get our pan nice and hot, so we'll put it up here on these front burners. And then, to make eggs, we'll put a pat of butter in the pan and we can scramble eggs here in the pan. We can also cook up some country ham. We can fry our ham right up here on our stove.
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