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NCpedia Chat User's Guide and Etiquette

Librarians from the Government & Heritage Library at the State Library of North Carolina provide support for the development and maintenance of NCpedia, and they also provide research support for NCpedia users. Research and reference assistance is provided through support features, like email and live chat.

Please note that the content of chats and emails is subject to the Public Records Law of North Carolina.

Please help us help you and all visitors who need our assistance by following these chat guidelines and etiquette tips:

  • Chat is communication with a real, live librarian! There are no robots or chatbots on this site.
  • In order to help us with your research needs, please be as specific as you can about what you are looking for. If your inquiry concerns a school assignment, sharing the assignment with the chat librarian can help us direct you to answers or resources more efficiently.
  • We are only able to assist with inquiries about North Carolina. We are unable to answer questions about other states/locations, personal questions, tell your fortune, or respond to other cool non-North Carolina questions. Try your local public library or Siri/Alexa/Google for those things.
  • If your question requires more in-depth research assistance, we may ask for your contact information to follow up with you after investigating your inquiry further. You may also contact us via email or telephone at the following:

                Telephone: 919-814-6790

  • Please be courteous and respectful. Librarians will terminate chats if language is inappropriate, abusive, or disrespectful. Use of abusive or offensive language may cause your location to be blocked from NCpedia chat.

Thank you for visiting NCpedia and we look forward to seeing you online!