A Union Organizer Blames the Mill

Beal Blames Mill Forces For Recent Strike Outrage

Fred Beal, southern organizer for the National Textile Workers' Union and Carl Reeve of the International Labor defenseThe International Labor Defense was formed in 1925 to provide legal representation to labor activists, striking workers, and civil rights activists. It was started and funded by the Communist Party USA., have issued the following statement regarding the Loray strike situation:

"Those who are fighting the battles of the mill owners organized a lawless mob and wrecked our headquarters, then arrested the strikers who were there defending it and charged them first with 'damaging property' and 'disorderly conduct.'

"The deputies and soldiers, if they did not actually participate, stood and looked on without interfering. A pair of handcuffs was found in the ruins, as well as bullet shells such as are used by the deputies and guardsmen. The tools used by the mob were tools which had on them the Manville Jenckes labelManville Jenckes was the company that owned and operated the Loray Mill. and are used within the mills. This frame up is as obvious as the fake bomb plot perpetrated a few days ago.

"The acts of this lawless mob prove to the population that our opponents will use their hired thugs and gangsters and go to any length to try to prevent relief and try to starve the strikers out. The authorities co-operated by arresting and in at least one case brutally beating unarmed strikers. The workers of the town are greatly indignant and the strike has been materially strengthened by this outrage. We are establishing new headquarters and as a result of the outrage hundreds of new members are flocking into our union from the Gastonia mills.

"There is no split in our union. Our ranks are as strong as ever. There is no division. Proof of this is the splendid spirit of the strikers and the huge mass meetings held. We will carry out our program of organizing the thousands of textile workers in this section—spreading the strike. The strike at the Manville Jenckes mill is in a healthy condition. We will win."


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"Beal Blams Mill Forces For Recent Strike Outrage." The Gastonia Daily Gazette, Gastonia, N.C., April 20, 1929.