Appendix G: North Carolina's Governors

Colors at right represent party affiliation and are keyed to the maps of the political party systems.


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Dates Name Party  
1789–1792 Alexander Martin (Anti-Federalist)  
1792–1795 Richard Dobbs Spaight Federalist  
1795–1798 Samuel Ashe (Anti-Federalist)  
1798–1799 William Richardson Davie Federalist  
1799–1802 Benjamin Williams Federalist  
1802–1805 James Turner Democratic-Republican  
1805–1807 Nathaniel Alexander Democratic-Republican  
1807–1808 Benjamin Williams Federalist  
1808–1810 David Stone Democratic-Republican  
1810–1811 Benjamin Smith Democratic-Republican  
1811–1814 William Hawkins Democratic-Republican  
1814–1817 William Miller Democratic-Republican  
1817–1820 John Branch Democratic-Republican  
1820–1821 Jesse Franklin Democratic-Republican  
1821–1824 Gabriel Holmes Democratic-Republican  
1824–1827 Hutchins Gordon Burton (none)  
1827–1828 James Iredell, Jr. Democratic-Republican  
1828–1830 John Owen Democratic  
1830–1832 Montfort Stokes Democratic  
1832–1835 David Lowry Swain National Republican  
1835–1836 Richard Dobbs Spaight, Jr. Democratic  


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Dates Name Party  
1877–1879 Zebulon Baird Vance Democratic  
1879–1885 Thomas Jordan Jarvis Democratic  
1885–1889 Alfred Moore Scales Democratic  
1889–1891 Daniel Gould Fowle Democratic  
1891–1893 Thomas Michael Holt Democratic  
1893–1898 Elias Carr Democratic  
1897–1901 Daniel Lindsay Russell Republican  


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Dates Name Party  
1929–1933 Oliver Max Gardner Democratic  
1933–1937 John C.B. Ehringhaus Democratic  
1937–1941 Clyde R. Hoey Democratic  
1941–1945 J. Melville Broughton Democratic  


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