Biographies of Women

Biographies of Women
Adams, Kate
by Boyd, Sandra O. Today, women can pilot commercial airliners and military planes, but not too long ago, they could not get such jobs. After the Wright brothers flew the first airplane, both men and women learned to [...] (from Tar Heel Junior Historian, NC Museum of History.)
Adams-Ender, Clara
by Pollitt, Phoebe Ann. Originally published in "North Carolina Nursing History." Republished with permission. For personal educational use and not for further distribution. Please submit permission requests for other uses [...] (from Appalachian State University.)
Alexander, Annie Lowrie
by Dudley, Harold J. Annie Lowrie Alexander, physician, teacher, and philanthropist, was born near the town of Cornelius in Mecklenburg County of Scot-Irish ancestry. Her father was Dr. John Brevard Alexander [...] (from Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, University of North Carolina Press.)
Alexander, Louise Brevard
by Smith, Kathelene McCarty. Louise Brevard Alexander was a woman ahead of her time. A strong advocate of suffrage and of women’s education, Alexander would make her mark in North Carolina as a lawyer, a judge, and an educator. [...] (from NC Office of Archives and History.)
Amos, Tori
by Franke, Matthew. Tori Amos is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer best known for her confessional lyrics and piano-based alternative rock music style. She was born Myra Ellen Amos on August 22, 1963 in [...] (from NCpedia.)
Angelou, Maya
by Horton, Emily S. Maya Angelou was best known as a poet and the best-selling author of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1970). Angelou was also a singer, dancer, Grammy-winning composer, director, and actress. She was [...] (from NCpedia.)
Arrington, Katherine Clark Pendleton
by Moye, William T. Katherine Clark Pendleton Arrington, art patron and civic leader, was born in Warrenton, the daughter of Major Arthur Sylbert Pendleton, a businessman connected with Hooks Smelting Co. of [...] (from Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, University of North Carolina Press.)
Atwater, Ann George
by Carrier, Sarah. Ann George Atwater was a lifelong grassroots civil rights activist in Durham, North Carolina. She was born in Hallsboro, Columbus County on July 1, 1935. As a child, she attended the Farmers’ Union [...] (from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries.)
Aycock, Cora Lily Woodard
by Ham, Marie Sharpe, Blake, Debra A., Morris, C. Edward. Aycock, Cora Lily Woodard by Marie Sharpe Ham, Debra A. Blake, and C. Edward Morris. Excerpted fromNorth Carolina's First Ladies, 1891-2001, copyright 2001. Reprinted with permission from North [...] (from North Carolina's First Ladies: 1891-2001, North Carolina Historical Publications.)
Babcock, Mary Reynolds
by Wooten, Hubert K. Mary Reynolds Babcock, philanthropist, was born in Winston of Scottish ancestry. Her father was R. J. Reynolds, founder of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company; her mother was Katherine Smith Reynolds. As [...] (from Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, University of North Carolina Press.)
Baker, Ella
by Townes, Mitzi. Ella Baker was born on December 13, 1903 in Norfolk , Va. When Ella was eight years old her family moved to Littleton, North Carolina. In 1918, Ella Baker entered Shaw University, a Baptist boarding [...] (from NCpedia.)
Baker, Ella Josephine
by Agan, Kelly, Davis, Sarajanee. Baker, Ella Josephine Giving light so people can find the way By Sarajanee Davis, N.C. Government & Heritage Library, 2019; Kelly Agan, N.C. Government & Heritage Library, 2020. From [...] (from NCpedia K-8 Collection.)
Baldwin, Alice Mary
by Russell, Mattie U. Alice Mary Baldwin, educator, was born in Lewiston, Me., where her father was head of the Latin School. She was the eldest of the five children of the Reverend Fritz Walter and Sarah Bingham Lyman [...] (from Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, University of North Carolina Press.)
Ballew, Betty: The Place I Love Best On This Earth
by Cecelski, David S. Betty Ballew grew up in one of the most beautiful valleys by the Blue Ridge Parkway: the North Fork, just north of Black Mountain. Earlier this century, thousands of Appalachian families were [...] (from Listening to History, News and Observer.)
Barfield, Margie Velma
by Hollingsworth, Biff, West, Tim. Margie Velma (née Bullard) Barfield was a convicted murderer executed by the state of North Carolina;  the first woman put to death by lethal injection in the United States, the first woman executed [...] (from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries.)
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